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Printing your digital downloads is easy!


Your purchased a zip file of digital downloads, and the file includes the ratios described in the purchase listing. Now it's time to print them!


First, download the zip file you purchased and save it to your laptop or desktop or tablet. Open the compressed zip file and select the .jpg image in the ratio of the size you wish to print. Choose from the following same day or ship-to-you services. Prices quoted below are from June 2020 and subject to change. 

Same Day Printing Services



Satin finish paper.  Upload image and pickup same day or next day. Frequent coupons and discounts. 


Posters: 11x14 for $11  |  12x18 for $13  |  16x20 for $16  |  20x30 for $24  |  24x36 for $30



Gloss and semigloss paper in three sizes, upload image and pickup same day or next day. 


Posters: 12x18 for $10 |  18x24 for $15  |  24x36 for $30  


Glossy and matte paper. Upload image and pickup same day or next day.


Paper Prints: 8x10" or 11x14" - see our tip for printing inexpensive art 

Posters: 12x18 for $13  |  16x20 for $15   |  18x24 for $15  |  24x36 for $30

Upload & Ship-to-You Printing Services



Additional sources for uploading, printing, and shipping: 



Glossy and matte paper  Shipping is free if you ship to your local store (takes 5-9 days) or ships to you for rates ranging from to $6. 


Posters: 11x14 for $11  |  12x18 for $13  |  16x20 for $18  |  20x30 for $20  |  24x36 for $27


UPS Online Store

Online printing service, select Poster Option under printing services, and upload .jpg image to website. Print sizes available: 12x18, 18x24, 24x36. Gloss only. Shipping rates apply. 

Pricing for prints: 12x18 for $9    18x24 for $18    24x36 for $36.


Online printing service. Sizes include 8x10, 11x14, 12x12, 12x36, 16x20, 20x30. Discounts on shipping and printing are common, check site for codes to apply on checkout. Standard shipping rates for posters range from $6 to $9. 

Nations Photo Lab

Online printing service. Wide variety of sizes available from 8x10 up to 24x36. Discounts on shipping and printing are common. Check site for codes to apply on checkout. Standard shipping rates for posters vary. 


8x10  $3   |   16x20  $15   |   18x24  $22   |   24x36  $36

Artifact Uprising

Online printing service using archival fine art paper. A more expensive alternative but excellent quality. Shipping costs vary, site will generate quote. 

Large format prints: 11x14 for $30  |  16x20 for $40   |   20x30 for $65   |   24x36 for $75

Have you visited our new Printed + Shipped service? Many of our prints are available, printed and shipped directly to your door on matte, archival paper.  Find all the available prints and details on our Printed + Shipped page. 

Online Framing + Gallery Wrapped Canvas Sources
So maybe you want the art framed or printed on canvas and shipped to you so you can just hang it on your wall? Cool! That makes life easy. :) Below is a list of companies that will do it for you. 
Framebridge: wide variety of contemporary frames, prices range based on size and style of frame. 
Frame It Easy: simple collection of basic frames with acrylic fronts ranging from $21 for 8x10" to $85 for 24x36", plus taxes and shipping.
Nations Photo Lab: Framed art services and gallery wrapped canvas art ranging from $63 for 11x14" to $170 for 24x36" canvas. 
Canvas Discount: Framing and art printed on canvas, acrylic or wood. The best prices we've found! Online poster printing with a wide variety of papers, also framing and gallery canvas printing services. 
Artifact Uprising: offers a multitude of modern gallery frames in prices ranging from $69 for 8x10" to $239 for 20x30" for framed print. 
CVS: offer both black and walnut frames (with or without mat) in prices ranging from $35 to $160. Gallery wrapped canvas prices range from $25 for 8x10" to $120 for 24x36".
Do you have a favorite source for printing on paper or canvas? Can you recommend a great framing service? Please let us know so this list can grow! Drop us a line via the Contact form below. 
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