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Welcome! This space on the web was created with a simple idea, to unite wanderers across the globe, those who see the world as one filled with unique people with stories to tell. Photography and art are the tools we use to share the beauty of the earth. But first, here's a little about the founder. 

Hello, I'm Kate. I'm an incurable explorer, photographer, and graphic artist. Add design enthusiast, art lover, recovering lawyer, and hobby ceramicist to the list as well. :)


Most days I'm busy renovating spaces for myself or assisting clients with their interior design projects. I also set aside time in my schedule to explore new destinations! It's where I find my inspiration and collect great images. 

I've designed this site as a place to sell photography and digital paintings, and also as a place to share lessons learned from traveling the world. I'm so glad you're here! Browse the print shop where you'll find my photography and art. On Instagram, I share reflections from my travels and shop updates.

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Restless Art exists to support artists and photographers who paint or capture images with a goal to unite cultures and celebrate the beauty of the earth. My mission is to open eyes through connection. We are all human, we are all one. Restless Art was founded to encourage unity and acceptance, to share authentic stories, and to honor the beauty that exists on this planet, both natural and human made.

There's nothing like a great day spent meandering the streets of a new city or relaxing with your toes in the sand. We're big fans of a fun getaway! Whether it's a view of a palm tree or a weathered door spied on a back street of a small town, the art we feature here is to spotlight the earth's beauty, but the intention is to serve the purpose of connecting us all. 

Great art is one way to tell a story. If you're an artist or photographer and want to join this movement and to sell your art, please send an email with samples of your work to


This site also exists to share great stories! If you have a travel story you'd like to share, we would love to read it and consider it for publication. Here are a few guidelines to follow. Your story should be no more than 4-5 paragraphs and it should share a unique experience or lesson learned while traveling the world or exploring near or far. Our favorite stories set the scene then tell a heartwarming story how travel changed your way of thinking. We also welcome any story that educates, heals, inspires, or tells a wildly fun tale. Please include one picture at a minimum of 1000 px wide. If we publish your story we will include your name and any links to your social media profiles, portfolio, and/or blog. Send submissions to

instagram is the best place to keep up to date!  find daily posts spotlighting new art, dream destinations, collections on sale, and the occasional deep thought.

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