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Kate Riley is the founder of Restless Art and lives in Sonoma County, California. Kate's refers to herself as an incurable explorer and her passion for travel and love of botanicals and nature inspired the creation of this website. 

Kate is an avid photographer and self taught graphic artist. Her art prints include photography from her travels around the world, also watercolors and her hand drawn sketches. 

Denise Dundon is an artist from Arvada, Colorado and first started painting in her teens. She works with a variety of mediums. Her first works were landscapes in traditional oils. Through the years, she has branched out to other mediums including acrylics and alcohol inks.  Denise's artwork is fluid and evolving with a growing emphasis on abstract work. Denise seeks to create uplifting messages in her works and draws much of her inspiration from nature.  

Find more of Denise Dundon's work in her online portfolio, on Pinterest, and Instagram.

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Are you an artist that would like to join this community and earn commissions on sales from your artwork? 


We are accepting submissions for new artists! The goal of Restless Art is to create a community of photographers and artists sharing their travel art from around the world! Please submit examples of your work to and we will get back to you! 

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