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Our digital download images can be printed as large as 24x36" poster size, see our Where to Print page for sources and prices. However, if you're looking to print them on a smaller scale, at 8x10" or 11x14", our favorite place for same day color or black and white prints is FedEx/Kinkos. Using their online service, you can print an 11x14" color image for under $3 and an 8x10" for under $2 and it will be ready for pickup in just a few hours. 

Shown above is the Kauai Palm print in the 11x14" size and the Kailua Fern print framed as an 8x10". 

Here are the simple steps to follow for printing any 8x10" or 11x14" .jpg image. First, go to the Fed Ex Kinkos online printing services and choose the Resume option. It will prompt you to upload the .jpg image. For an 11x14" size, upload the 11x14 ratio. Once it's uploaded, opt for color or black and white, depending on your print, the 60 lb. professional paper and the 11x17" size paper. You'll notice some white spacing on the top and bottom around your image which will exist because it will be printed at the 11x14 size. Full color is less than $3!

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