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DIY: 24x36" Poster Holder

Large scale art is simple to display with this easy DIY project. Below find the short list of supplies you'll need and the quick steps to create a poster hanger for your 24x36" poster prints!

Supplies: four 1½ x 24" poplar sticks (purchased at Lowe's); 2 sets of nickel 1¼" magnets; twine; fast drying all purpose multi surface glue.  

Steps 1 and 2: separate pairs of magnets and mark one side of each pair to keep track of magnetism (either attracting or repelling side). 

Steps 3 and 4: mark distance between magnets and glue opposing magnets to poplar sticks using multi purpose fast drying glue. Double up twine and glue each end to top piece of poster holder.

Once glue is dry, secure 24x36" poster with magnetic top and bottom pieces and display!

Alternative looks: paint or stain poplar sticks to match your poster art, or choose different color or style of string or twine.  Poster Shown: Our Lone Surfer print. See our Where to Print page for locations for printing 24x36" artwork. Shown below: Big Island Walk print with poster hanger in dark stain. 


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