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Large Scale Art Under $50

What's the easiest way to create large scale art as big as 24x36” for under $50? Purchase a digital download art print from our print shop, upload to an inexpensive poster printing service like Walgreens, and frame it in thin poster frame from an affordable frame store.

The Mendocino Vista print (shown) was printed in the 24x36” poster size using Walgreen’s same day poster printing service. Walgreens run 40% off sales regularly, just look for their featured code.

Print a 20x30” poster for under $15 (with their coupon) and a 24x36” poster (with their coupon) for $18. Shown above is the Mendocino Vista print with a poster size frame purchased from Michaels. Using their coupons, you can grab a 24x36” frame for around $18-20!

All of the digital downloads in our print shop and sister Etsy shop enlarge to a poster size of 24x36”.

Shown: Black Sand I in 24x36”; Silver Yucca, Agave Americana, and one half of Leaf Sketch I framed in 16x20”.

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