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Build Your Own Canvas Frame

All of our art prints can be uploaded to canvas printing sources to create large scale art. To trim the edges, you can make your own wood frame with simple trim pieces from a home improvement store.

The supplies and steps are simple! You'll need a miter box (or miter saw), wood glue, flat 1 1/2” pine lattice and 3/8”routed bead trim (I purchased mine from Lowe's), a brad nailer or very thin nails, painter’s tape, pencil, and wood filler for any gaps.

two types of trim:

Step One: With a pencil, measure the outside edge of the canvas and mitered the flat lattice so that the corners came together at a 45 degree angle.

This is how the angles look next to each other. They’re a perfect 45 degrees so they meet and match in the corners.

Notice how the outside edge of the routed bead piece starts at the inside edge of the bottom of the mitered lattice piece to form a straight line at a 45 degree angle.

Step Two: Use a thin line of wood glue to attach the flat edge of the routed bead piece to the front of the flat side of the mitered lattice. Use painter’s tape every 4 inches or so to hold the pieces together while the wood glue dries. Allow to dry a minimum of 12 hours.

Before you attach the four sides to the frame, you can paint or stain your frame any color! Walnut, white, black, gold, whatever you like! this frame was kept in a natural wood finish to complement the pale blue palette of the Gold Coast seascape print from the Coastal Views Collection.

Step Three: Use tiny brad nails to secure the lattice trim edges to the four corners of the wrapped canvas. You could also use very small headless nails and patch them with wood filler. If there are gaps after you staple and glue it together, you can use wood filler to match the wood tone.

Once assembled, you have a custom do-it-yourself wood frame to finish off the edges of your canvas art!

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