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Miniature Painting in India

It's another guest post today, please welcome Lisa, a fellow travel loving artist, and her inspiring experience of learning something new in India.


"One of the things I love about creating art is that we each have our own experiences and unique perspectives that shape our artwork. For me, much of my art depicts my travels. Travelling is one of my greatest joys in life, as is returning home from a trip to paint the people and places I encountered. And one of my most artistically inspiring trips was my journey through India.

I took a solo trip to India with two purposes: to volunteer at an orphanage, and to learn about miniature paintings in Jaipur. Jaipur is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. I was blown away by the colorful streets, the art, the incredible architecture, and bustling daily activity.

palace in Jaipur

The first day I arrived, I climbed in a rickshaw and mentioned to the driver that I wanted to learn about miniature paintings. He was thrilled to hear it because he had a cousin who owned an art gallery and several of his family members were painters. 

After showing me a few of the top city sights, he took me to his family's art gallery where I spent several days with them learning about this stunning and unique form of art. What I learned is that miniature painters take years and years to hone their skills. What I witnessed was that they are talented beyond my comprehension, they paint the tiniest of details with one hair of the paintbrush!  After spending several days with this lovely family, they invited me to a wedding, which was an honor. I showed up at their home wearing the nicest outfit I had packed (which wasn't that nice given I was backpacking). They all agreed I needed a makeover, so the teenage girls had fun time dressing me in garments and styling my hair and make-up. The wedding was a spectacular event and everyone was very welcoming. 

During my stay, I was absolutely awed by the art and artists in India. Upon returning home, I was brimming with ideas of what I wanted to paint. While I am nowhere close to the level of Indian miniature painters, I have incorporated some of the elements I learned into my painting style, proof that travel impacts us in both small and large ways!  My time in India not only gave me an immense appreciation for the art, architecture and cultural traditions, but reminded me of the power of kindness to strangers that can lead to wonderful new friendships."


Thank you so much Lisa for your story! You can find Lisa's artwork on her website Bohemian Creative Lifestyle where you can purchase her artwork on products from greeting cards to art prints. 

Connect with Lisa on Instagram and find her adventure stories on her blog.



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